Why Save A tree

The time has come to pack up your belongings. Whether you are putting items into storage or preparing for a move across town, there is one universal truth everyone faces: you need to find boxes, many times a lot of boxes. Most people’s first instinct is to go hunting for cardboard all over town. However, Save a Tree has a simpler, more efficient, more eco-friendly alternative. Allow us a moment to answer the following question:

Why are we believers in plastic versus cardboard?

Plastic boxes can be reused over 150 times, while cardboard boxes are utilized 2-3 times at best.  Cardboard that is not recycled makes up almost 10% of all urban landfills. Americans could save over 90 million trees, over 200 million gallons of oil and over 50 million cubic yards of landfill EACH YEAR if they use plastic instead of cardboard boxes for their moving, storage and organizational needs. After about 150 uses, we simply recycle our plastic boxes; again saving on our landfills. 

Further, while we are all about saving trees and our planet, MOVING IS HARD!

Our goal is to make your move easier by saving time, money and frustration by utilizing reusable plastic moving boxes. Plain and simply stated: Save a Tree moving boxes are EASY.

We’re helping to save you time

  • Cardboard boxes can take you 4 to 5 hours to hunt down. Save a Tree can simply make a delivery of our plastic totes. Time is money and saving time is critical, particularly with the pressures of moving on your shoulders.
  • Setting-up cardboard boxes can take 2 to 3 hours. Our moving boxes require no assembly or tape. Just pop them open; fill them up; snap them shut. Never have the bottom fall out, no matter how heavy you pack them!
  • With cardboard boxes you waste time having to tear them open, remove the tape and then you need to dispose of them. With Save a Tree, simply stack them up, call us and we will be right over to pick them up.
  • Our totes have easy-grip handles that make them easier to carry than cardboard boxes. Available in two sizes: Tree Saver size for heavier items, and Tree Saver+ for your big items that weigh less such as linens and pillows. Each size box has the same footprint which allows for easy stacking.

We’re helping to save you money

Helping the planet also saves you money. Using Save a Tree costs you 25-35% less when you consider the cost of cardboard, the extra supplies (IE: tape) and the extra time it takes to pack with them. Add to this the efficiency that our plastic moving boxes deliver while loading/unloading your truck and the savings keep growing! 

More about Save a Tree boxes

Save a Tree provides eco-friendly reusable plastic moving boxes (totes) for residential and commercial moving. They are also used for both short term and long term storage. Our moving boxes are made right here in the USA. They are water resistant and designed to easily nest so that when you are finished unpacking they save storage space. They also resist dirt and those ugly little critters. Our totes are delivered clean and disinfected. Save a Tree moving boxes are quickly replacing cardboard boxes as the preferred packing option for moving, organizing and storing your precious belongings.


Save a Tree Moving Boxes – Save Time, Save Money, Save Frustration!