About Us

Our inspiration for Save a Tree Moving Boxes began as we recognized the ever-growing complexity of selling and purchasing a new home.

Cardboard Moving Boxes

There’s no denying that as our technologically advanced society has made time move faster and faster, we are all busier than ever.  Now add to your busy life the time that it takes to find the perfect home; then the mortgage loan process, getting your new home properly insured, changing the utilities, finding a new doctor, a new dentist, locating the nearest Post Office, etc., etc.  You get the idea.

And now you are faced with finding time to pack and move all your precious belongings.

… which of course means you need to get a lot of boxes. Most folk’s first instinct is to go hunting for cardboard boxes all over town.  Are you looking forward to going to the nearest liquor store or the nearest grocer or even foraging through some dumpsters looking for boxes. Or perhaps, you’ll just buy them at an expensive packing store. Remember to get plenty of tape for the time-consuming job of putting together your boxes. And, once you have completed your move you'll need to decide what to do with your stack of unneeded boxes.

We Believe There is a Better Way

We’re here to save you money and time as well as provide an easier, more efficient, and eco-friendly alternative to cardboard boxes. 

Plastic Moving Boxes

  • Want to save money? Save a Tree boxes saves 15-20% on the cost of cardboard boxes and tape.   

  • Want to save time? Save a Tree moving boxes take 30-40% less time to pack.  If you've moved before you know how much time it takes to tape 50, 70, or even 100 boxes—both top and bottom. Our plastic totes have snap-lock lids that quickly open and easily snap shut. "Look Ma, no tape!” 

  • Want convenience? We offer free delivery and pickup.

  • Want a better box? Our plastic totes have easy-grip handles that make them easier to carry.  Available in two sizes, each have with the same footprint that allows for easy stacking.   

  • Want to Save Trees? Our eco-friendly totes can be utilized over 150 times!  Less trees to cut and less cardboard to haul away to our landfills.    

Book on-line or give us a call at (984) 200-4387.  I assure you that you will be truly grateful you took a little stress out of your life!