Three Big Advantages of Reusable Totes Over Boxes

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You’ve reached a huge moment and it’s time to move. Maybe your family has grown and you need a bigger house. Maybe you’ve accepted a job across the country. Whatever the reason, you have to relocate all of your belongings and you’ve reached the same issue everyone who’s ever relocated will eventually face-you’re going to need a lot of boxes.

While most people immediately start scouring grocery stores for empty cardboard boxes, many savy movers have begun embracing reusable totes. This transition may not seem obvious to families making their first move or parents sending their first child to college. However, there are three distinct advantages that reusable totes have over their cardboard counterparts.

1. Durability

When you’re scrambling to find dozens of boxes, the idea of a brand new piece of folded cardboard simply does not exist. The boxes you’ll use for your move have been hauled across the country, bounced around by hourly grocery store employees, and then folded and pressed together, or stacked in the corner for weeks. This cheap, flimsy, multi-use material is what you’ve chosen to keep your glassware and fragile mementos safe. Alternatively, reusable totes are made of a strong, durable plastic that can survive the toughest moves. There is zero risk of a strip of tape failing, water weakening the walls, or a stray table leg punching a hole through the wall.

2. Stackability

Tetris is a fun game to play on your phone, but much less fun to play when the pieces are boxes of glass and electronics. Determining which boxes can sit on the bottom, how to fit oddly shaped boxes into your friend’s van, or guessing exactly how high you can stack your boxes are stresses that just complicate your move. Reusable totes are designed to stack, to bear the weight of one another. You can stack them higher and more securely than standard boxes. Their uniformity makes your move like playing Tetris with nothing but straight line pieces.

3. No Tape Needed

Tape is annoying, unwieldy, and often unreliable. When using cardboard boxes, much of your packing process is spent battling a roll of tape, fumbling for scissors, and debating if that box will actually stay closed. The interlocking lids of reusable totes not only eliminate the need for tape, they take away all the risk. When a lid is designed to close and remain secure until manually opened, there’s no risk of the lid collapsing, or a piece of tape losing its stick. Once the lid is closed, your valuables will remain locked in place until you’ve arrived at your new home.

While cardboard boxes feel like a staple of the moving process, those who want a safer, easier move have a great alternative in reusable totes.

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