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Rent Those Moving Boxes!

Rent Those Moving Boxes!
Stop wasting time and money on packing your home or office into cardboard boxes, just to throw them away after your done. Instead, when planning your next move, rent boxes. Triangle residents now have the convenience of using Save A Tree Moving Boxes, a moving box rental company that is sweeping the nation. The concept is simple: Provide better packing boxes, for less money, in an environmentally friendly way.

Three Big Advantages of Reusable Totes Over Boxes

Cardboard Boxes Plastic Moving Boxes
You’ve reached a huge moment and it’s time to move. Maybe your family has grown and you need a bigger house. Maybe you’ve accepted a job across the country. Whatever the reason, you have to relocate all of your belongings and you’ve reached the same issue everyone who’s ever relocated will eventually face-you’re going to need a lot of boxes.

Moving Home From College

Moving Home From College
Here is the best-kept secret about the college school year. It is about 15 minutes long. No sooner do kids return to college from spring break than they are ready to move back home for the summer. Moving into the college dorm or apartment was fun. The sheets and towels were new, the mattress topper was tightly packaged in its original box, and your college student was full of enthusiasm.

Reusable Boxes Over Cardboard: The Professional Perspective

plastic moving boxes vs. cardboard
Each year more and more people are choosing to hire a professional moving company over recruiting their friends and family. A big move is a huge project, and many people just feel safer having their valuables carried by someone with professional training. Moving companies take that trust very seriously. That’s why they have begun to turn to reusable box services to help make your move safer and easier.
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