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Rent Those Moving Boxes!

Rent Those Moving Boxes!
Stop wasting time and money on packing your home or office into cardboard boxes, just to throw them away after your done. Instead, when planning your next move, rent boxes. Triangle residents now have the convenience of using Save A Tree Moving Boxes, a moving box rental company that is sweeping the nation. The concept is simple: Provide better packing boxes, for less money, in an environmentally friendly way.

Moving Home From College

Moving Home From College
Here is the best-kept secret about the college school year. It is about 15 minutes long. No sooner do kids return to college from spring break than they are ready to move back home for the summer. Moving into the college dorm or apartment was fun. The sheets and towels were new, the mattress topper was tightly packaged in its original box, and your college student was full of enthusiasm.

Pro Tips for a Better Move

Pro Tips for a Better Move

Most movers suggest you start with out-of-season items. Next, pack things used infrequently. Leave until the last minute things you’ll need until moving day. Here are some more helpful hints.

    Why is Moving So Difficult?

    Why is Moving So Difficult

    We all know moving is one of life's most stressful events. But what really makes it so hard? It’s important to understand what makes moving so difficult so you can make your move as easy as possible.


    Moving takes a lot of time. From deciding...

    How To Choose a Mover

    How to Choose a Mover

    Choosing a reliable mover can be just as stressful as the entire moving process itself. You can end up with a huge bill, damaged furniture, lost goods or even worse, your belongings are held hostage. Consumers can avoid these fatal missteps by doing their do diligence. This is how we recommend our clients chose a mover:

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