Reusable Boxes Over Cardboard: The Professional Perspective

Plastic Moving Boxes vs Cardboard

Each year more and more people are choosing to hire a professional moving company over recruiting their friends and family. A big move is a huge project, and many people just feel safer having their valuables carried by someone with professional training. Moving companies take that trust very seriously. That’s why they have begun to turn to reusable box services to help make your move safer and easier.


When a family decides it’s time to move, one of the first things they do is traverse their local businesses for discarded cardboard boxes. They are all different shapes and sizes and in varying states of degradation. When a mover arrives at a house, they have no idea how best to pack their truck, or even if the boxes will hold up during transit. Reusable boxes come in perfectly uniform sizes and shapes. This allows the moving company to know exactly how many boxes fit in their truck before they even leave the office.

Durable Plastic

Moving companies rely heavily on referrals. A satisfied customer is the most valuable marketing tool at their disposal. The easiest way to lose a satisfied customer is for their prized possessions to be damaged or destroyed in the moving van. When the customer packed their own cardboard boxes, it is impossible to know if they can survive the trip. Maybe the tape will fail, maybe there’s been some unforeseen water damage that weakened the bottom. Regardless of how careful they are, the movers still risk losing out on a referral due to shoddy packing that was outside their control. Reusable boxes a made of a strong, durable plastic that is designed to protect what’s inside. No stray table leg can puncture the side, there’s no tape that can lose its hold halfway through the trip. The movers know that as long as they do their job right, they will have a happy customer at the end.

Ease of Carrying

Most cardboard boxes come from various businesses around town. These boxes were designed to be moved on a pallet, wrapped in plastic and put in a truck alongside hundreds that are exactly the same. Every shop has a small forklift or handcart to carry the pallet, rather than hauling each individual box by hand. This makes them a chore for professional movers. There are rarely any good handholds, and many people like to pack them so full that the bottom can barely support the weight. With reusable boxes, the movers get easy places the put their hands, and know that there’s no way that anything can fall out once the lid is closed.

If these professional companies are trusting their business to reusable boxes, perhaps it’s time you looked into this new service as well.

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