Packing Supplies Delivered to Your Door!

Packing Supplied Delivered to Your Door!

Next time you are planning to move your home or business, consider using Save A Tree Moving Boxes for all your packing needs. The newest trend in moving is renting durable moving boxes that are conveniently delivered and picked up after your move in Durham. Packing supplies rented through Save A Tree Moving Boxes can save hundreds of dollars over buying cardboard boxes for your move, plus be a better choice for the environment.

Renting Versus Buying Moving Boxes
Gone are the days of packing everything up in disposable boxes for a move. These old school cardboard boxes can be time consuming, unreliable and wasteful. If you have ever needed to pack a whole household or business using these types of boxes, you know the drawbacks. Cardboard is not ideal for packing heavy or breakable items due to the weak structure. Boxes can easily be crushed if stacked incorrectly and break open under weight. In addition, they are expensive to buy, just to throw away at the end of the move.

A more sustainable and less expensive way to move in Durham: packing supplies rented through Save A Tree Moving Boxes. This great service offers hard plastic containers that protect your belongings in a way that no cardboard box can do. In addition, they are easy to carry and stack easily, without worry of crushing under heavy weight. Some other benefits of renting Save A Tree Moving Boxes versus buying cardboard include:

  • Delivery and pickup. Save A Tree Moving Boxes are delivered to your moving site and picked up after the move, saving you time and money.
  • Good for the planet. Cardboard boxes waste trees and clog our landfills. Each Save A Tree Moving Boxes is used an estimated 400 times, reducing waste.
  • Waterproof. Plastic moving boxes protect against moisture and water that can destroy both cardboard boxes and the items inside of them.
  • Save money. Not only do you save time and help save the planet by renting Save A Tree Moving Boxes, you save money as well. Typically you can save 50% over buying cardboard packing supplies by using rented boxes from Save A Tree Moving Boxes.

In Durham, Packing Supplies Are Just A Click Away
Stop running around town shopping for your packing supplies. Save A Tree Moving Boxes has convenient shopping online. Check out Save A Tree Moving to look at sizes, pricing and savings that are available by renting your supplies online. The website has tools to help you determine how many boxes you will need, what will fit in each Save A Tree Moving Boxes and other handy items that can make your move easier such as moving dollies. The whole idea is to make your move easier and less expensive while choosing a greener option for the environment.

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