Moving Crate Rental

Moving Crate Rental

Why chose doing moving crate rental over buying cardboard boxes for your move?

If you actually look at the cost of buying boxes, they end up costing more than just the box themselves. The time and money to pay for shipping, or to drive to a store to get them alone can often be a deciding factor.

When you are taking care of all the other things that need to be attended to for your move, you can see where this is one of those details it would be much nicer just getting off the enormous to do list for what actually ends up costing less for most people anyway.

When you decide to go the moving crate rental route from a service like ours, you just go online or pick up the phone, place your order, and the boxes are delivered right to you. They are sanitized prior to being delivered so you know your belongings are not being subjected to possible weather related elements as can easily happen of a cardboard box is left in the rain for any length of time, or if you found some in a dumpster somewhere that looked ok when you looked at them.

When you're done, they get taken away, nothing you have to do (except all the things having to do with unpacking in your new home, which we can guess will be more than enough) to deal with them. No having to fold them, store them, throw them away, or some combination thereof.

A Greener Solution

Last, as the name says, we promote green solutions when it comes to moving. Not only is this moving crate rental process less time and money it is also a great way to help not use up trees to move your stuff from one place to another.

Give us a call today to find out more. We look forward to hearing from you.



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