Five Ways To Make Your Move More Green

Make Your Move More Green

The time has come to relocate. and you’ve started preparing to move. As a conscious citizen of Earth. you’ve started to realize that moving can create a surprising amount of waste. However, with a bit of planning and forethought, it is possible to green your move simply and effectively.

Secure Your Stuff with Your Stuff

One of the most important parts of any move is safely securing your fragile items. While bubble wrap and packing peanuts do the job effectively, they very quickly turn into useless waste once unpacking begins. Instead, consider using things you already own and will use again to protect your valuables. Instead of filling a box with your blankets, sheets, towels, and rags, put them to good use wrapping up glasses, plates, and electronics.

Reusable Totes

While they are recyclable, cardboard boxes still ultimately create unnecessary waste. There are services that will lease out reusable plastic totes for your move. This not only replaces cardboard boxes with a more safe and durable option, but these bins can be used over and over again by multiple people dramatically reducing the waste of moves all over the country.

One Man’s Trash

There is a certain catharsis that comes from filtering your belongings and throwing away things you don’t need. While it is easy to fill bag after bag of trash, most of what you want to throw away could likely be used again. In your first round of filtration, ignore the trash option. Instead look for a way to sell or donate anything you don’t want to keep.

Use a Trailer

Everyone has friends that are willing to help them move, but most of those friends don’t own large trucks or moving vans. When moving within the same state, it seems like an easier plan to just load up a trail of sedans and head to your destination. Just as carpooling to work reduces carbon emissions, investing in a trailer or moving van is far more efficient than a caravan of little cars.

Stay Green While You Travel

Traveling can be exhausting on its own without days of packing and moving ahead of time. When you’re tired and taking a long trip to your new home, it is easy to forget your conservationist ways in a moment of weakness. Stay vigilant. Don’t throw away the water bottle you got at the gas station, hold on to it until you find a recycling bin. Keep to the highway as much as possible to conserve gas, pack lunches ahead of time instead of stopping for fast food. A big move is often representative of a major change in your life. Take the time to plan ahead and think about how to reduce, reuse/ and recycle as you begin a new chapter.
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