Best Methods To Pack Your Tree Saver Boxes

Best Methods To Pack Your Tree Saver Boxes

We can help estimate how many boxes you will need for your move, we can even recommend movers, packers, cleaners and a host of other services that are useful during moving. However, what is the best way to start packing your Tree Saver Boxes? Take a look at these helpful hints…

Gather your supplies – Find a spot in the room you are packing up & create a packing station. Make sure you have plenty of Tree Saver Boxes on hand and perhaps some recycled packing paper, recyclable bubble wrap, Tree Saver Boxes labels and markers.

Turn up the beats! – Music will increase your productivity and decrease your stress. Find your favorite tunes and boost up the bass. Make this fun not frantic!

Assess your stuff – Before you start jamming everything into the first Tree Saver Box take stock of your items. Do you have lots of heavy things? We’d advise you to spread out the weight using a few Tree Saver Boxes. Our boxes are sturdy and solid, but that means they weigh 2 pounds when empty. If you load that Tree Saver Box to the top with hardback books or photo albums (people still have these, right?!) you could hurt yourself or your mover.

Pack Responsibly – Keep the weight of each Tree Saver Boxes to a maximum of 35lbs. Pack in layers. The heaviest items should be on the bottom layer, followed by some padding (perhaps crumple up some recycled packing paper or recyclable bubble wrap, linens and clothes work great too), then a layer of lighter items, followed by another layer of padding (paper or bubble wrap). If you still have some space on the top use this for very light items. There are always a few surprise nick-knacks hiding in every room. TIP: pack dishes standing on edge, they’re stronger this way!

Be mindful of your floors – Before you start loading your Tree Saver Boxes moving boxes consider putting a towel or mat underneath your Tree Saver Box. This will reduce the likelihood of damaging your pretty hardwood floors (we want you to get that security deposit back!) Do not drag or slide filled Tree Saver Boxes on hard or soft wood floors.

Put like things together – Pack room by room for ease of unpacking. We’d recommend packing one room at a time to avoid further stress.

Use our labels – We will provide you with ample labels for your Tree Saver Boxes. We recommend placing these labels on the side of each Tree Saver Box. Instead of writing a list of contents try writing the destination room, that way you can read the labels when the boxes are stacked.

Make a first night Tree Saver Box – You don’t want to be hunting around for your toothbrush the first night in your new home so pack smart, make a first night box filled with essentials. Toiletries, clothing, medication, snacks and maybe that old teddy bear that you just cant sleep without (we wont judge!).

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